New website for West Wickham Big Village Dig launched

Welcome to the new website dedicated to our ongoing community archaeology project. This began in 2013 when West Wickham & District Local History Club recieved an HLF grant to open up 18 test-pits across the village in a bid to find out when and how it looks like it does today.

Since then we’ve added 10 more test-pits as we aim to increase the sample to somewhere between 35 and 40 test-pits. We’ve also been able to give more than 100 local people of all ages the opportunity to do some hands-on archaeology and take a practical part in finding out more about the history of the village.

Please explore the website. We have already added a Brief Village History, information on the original 2013 Big Village Dig, and the results from its follow-up Dig 2 in 2015. More is to come, and soon we will be posting preliminary results for 2016’s Dig 3, and news about this year’s Dig 4 (July 15-16 2017). You can follow all the latest news from the project via email by clicking the button to the right, you can also follow the project on Facebook.

Do let us know what you think, if you would like to know more or would like to volunteer for future digs.

Janet Morris (Project Manager)


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