Dig 4 – A cobbled surface at Test-Pit 5

The fifth and final test-pit of Dig 4 was dug at the very eastern end of the village, in an area of lawn in the garden of 49 Burton End, situated on the north side of the road running through the hamlet. The test pit was located east of the present house, close to the site of a building present on late 19th century maps but now no longer standing.

Test-Pit 5 being excavated.

Excavation removed 30cm of soil to reveal a layer of cobbles at the base of the pit. Archaeology comprised 5cm of turf covering 5cm of topsoil and 20cm of clay. At the base of the pit, laid on top of the natural clay, was a spread of large cobbles, most likely the remains of a floor, although it remained unclear whether it was an internal or external surface.

Finds were scarce and entirely of 19th century or modern date, including a large quantity of bottle glass (both hand- and machine-made). The few pottery sherds that were recovered were all modern white-glazed earthenwares. Other finds include a couple of hand-made iron nails and an iron survey peg.

A cobbled surface was found at the bottom of Test-Pit 5.

19th-century and modern bottle glass from Test-Pit 5.

It is unsurprising that finds were scarce in this pit. The discovery of a cobbled surface just 30cm below ground level, activity almost certainly related to the building which formerly stood nearby, instead of an intact sequence of garden soil meant that it was less likely that large quantities of finds would have been deposited in the immediate vicinity.


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